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Robin Hood: The Panto 2011

by Teri Fitsell and Katy Forse.


Hong Kong Players is proud to present Robin Hood: The Panto at the Shouson Theatre, December 2-4 and 8-11. In this hilarious new script, crossbows and cross-dressing take the stage as Cupid’s arrows zing through the air, the rich get robbed so the poor can eat, and (medi-)evil is soundly trounced.

Principal Cast

Robin Hood Jane Archibald
Maid Marian Talia Ritz
Dame Guinevere Turret Terry Hart
Friar Tuck Damian Coory
The Sheriff of Nottingham Rob Wellington
Little John
Alex Sommerville
Will Scarlett
Hamish Campbell
Alana Dale
Alistair So
Number One Nick Deal
Number Two
Adam Walker
Lady Trout
Lesley Flaherty


Margherita Baggio, Ben Bernardez, Timothy Brodhage, Lily Caines, Jasmine Hadiwibawa, Tegan Harris, Faith Leung, Susie Lowe, Patrick McCool, Aisling McDonnell, Ella Nowroz, Hana Sommerville, Jess Turner


Production Team

Co-Directors Stephen Bolton & Katy Forse
Musical Director Andrew Swift
Choreographer Mandy Petty
Producers Sandie Gillespie-Wong & Elizabeth Lowe
Associate Producer & Programme Design Lorenza Mazzucco
Set & Lighting Design Ian Pratley
Poster Design Matt Bailey
Charlotte Smith & Claire Saeki
Leena Lempinen
Stage Manager
Karly Cox
Deputy Stage Manager
Katy Forse
Teri Fitsell

An Inspector Calls

by J. B. Priestley


Where and When

HK Rep Black Box Theatre
8/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
May 18-22 2011


J.B. Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls, first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK, is one of the dramatist’s best-known works and a classic of mid-20th century English theatre. It is a scathing critique of the hypocrisies of Victorian/Edwardian English society and an expression of Priestley’s Socialist political principles.

The Birlings are an upper middle class family existing comfortably on the profits from their factories in the Midlands. One evening an inspector calls and begins questioning each individual family member about his or her associations with a young girl called Eva Smith who has committed suicide. At first it seems there can be few connections between the Birlings and the lowly Miss Smith but as the evening progresses the family’s hypocrisy and self-satisfaction are revealed.

Now Hong Kong Players Ltd, in association with HK Rep, presents a searing new version of the play, directed by Candice Moore (Sleuth, Misery, The Killing of Sister George), and staged in the round at HK Rep’s Black Box in the Sheung Wan Civic Centre.



Arthur Birling
Barry O’Rorke
Sybil Birling
Jacqueline Gourlay-Grant
Sheila Birling
Alice Bretton
Gerald Croft
Nicholas Deal
Eric Birling
Hamish Campbell
Lara Genovese
Inspector Goole
Howard Paley


Production Team

Director Candice Moore
Co-Producers Teri Fitsell & Stephen Bolton
Set Designer Lara Genovese
Lighting Designer Andy Burt
Costumes Liesbeth Ramondt
Music / SFX Bethan Greaves
Surtitles Van Chiu
Make-Up Designer Leena Lempinen
Stage Manager Mae Lim
Deputy Stage Manager Katy Forse
Flyer Designer Shann Larsson
Fight Choreographer James Gitsham
Production Photographer Stuart Plaw
Publicity Teri Fitsell


Character(s) with Doubling


BBC Announcer/Colonel Gardener


BBC – Links sections of the show
together.Clipped BBC style delivery,
upper class, evening dress

Colonel – Bluff Army ‘Harrumph”

Dick Barton/Snowy White


Dick – Dry, upper class delivery,
public school, tends to deliver
speeches to middle distance,
dashing hero, seriousSnowy – Cockney working class
type, speaks in rhyming slang
Baron Scarheart


Evil Bond style villain – think Dr Evil,
likes to describe in e