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The Venetian Twins

Adaptation & lyrics by Nick Enright; Music by Terence Clarke


Where and When

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
4-8 May 2010


The Venetian Twins is a hilarious musical comedy romp set in the eighteenth century, based on Carlo Goldini’s celebrated story of mistaken identity. The action involves identical twins Zanetto and Tonino, who were separated at birth. Zanetto is stupid and crass while Tonino is an honourable, wise gentleman. When the two of them, searching for love, descend upon the same town, somewhere between Verona and Jindyworobak, a ridiculous tale unfolds involving duels, betrayals, spats, arrests, a casket of jewels and death. This wonderful farce, with its Aussie humour and silly songs, has been entertaining audiences for over thirty years.


Zanetto/Tonino Samuel J Craig
The Judge Peter Lowe
Florindo Alex Sommerville
Arlecchino Hamish Campbell
Pancrazio Stephen Bolton
Lelio Petra Fairweather
Beatrice Kathy Tang
Rosina Sarah Lemcke
Colombina Camber Carpenter


twins placeholder

Production Team

Director Lucas Cox
Musical Director David Knowles Jatvardsson
Producer Elizabeth Lowe
Designer Ian Pratley
Publicity Teri Fitsell

The Odd Couple (female version)

by Neil Simon

Odd Couple poster

Where and When

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
9-13 March 2010


Neil Simon’s re-working of his original classic, made famous by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau on the big screen, The Odd Couple (female version) is a comedy of hilarity, neuroses and friendship pushed to its limits!

The story concerns divorced Olive, a slob of a woman who hates housework and cooking. When her friend Florence is kicked out by her husband, Olive invites her to move in. Florence is the total opposite of Olive – she loves cooking and is very house-proud. What ensues is a battle of wills that mirrors their disastrous marriages and now threatens their friendship.

Odd Couple 2 Odd Couple1


Olive Madison Elizabeth Merendino
Florence Ungar Janice Jensen
Mickey Micha Sparrow
Vera Shirley Sheung
Sylvie Kathleen O’Connor
Renee Camber Carpenter
Jesus Costazuela Mike Pizzuto
Manolo Costazuela Josh Blue

Production Team

Director Paul Sheehan
Assistant Director Teri Fitsell
Producer Vanessa Lee
Set Designer Ian Pratley
Lighting Designer Ian Pratley
Sound Designer Paul Sheehan
Costumes Leena Lempinen/Katy Scott
Make-up Leena Lempinen
Stage Manager Mae Lim
Deputy Stage Manager Vanessa Lee
Publicity Teri Fitsell

Pirates of the Panto 2010

Pirates of the Panto

by Stephen Bolton and Teri Fitsell

The 2010 Players panto went on stage Saturday, December the 4th – our 50th annual extravaganza of goodies, baddies, true love, broad comedy and men in frocks. It was truly an “ARRR!”-studded production!

Read all about it in Time Out Magazine.

six_pirates     Pirates-of-the-Panto-2010-Flyer-WEB


Principal Cast

Captain Plank Alex Sommerville
Dame Laetitia Scuttle Terry Hart
Roger Hamish Campbell
Rose Shafin Azim
Sati MacLean
Cannibal Queen
Katy Scott
Squire Becks
Peter Lowe
Lady Posh
Amanda Chapman
Jane Archibald
Mr Port
Nick Deal
Mr Starboard
Shawn Tse
The Pirate Band Asa Kremmer, Michael Lowe, Aidan McCarthy, Stefan Nigam, Andres Perez, Alistair So
Andrew’s Sisters Anna Hoffman, Tirion Jenkins, Grace Keegan


Mojo Abidi, Amit Alimchandani, Margherita Baggio, Hannah Barker, Lily Caines, Megan Gardner, Camie Gaultney, Sandie Gillespie-Wong, Ayman Hafiz, Seren Jenkins, Nora Lim, Susie Lowe, Ella Nowroz, Emeline Sandt, Sum Sze Tam, Khristayle Tan


Production Team

Director Stephen Bolton
Musical Director Andrew Swift
Choreographer Mandy Petty
Producer Elizabeth Lowe
Set Design Ian Pratley
Lighting Design Andy Burt
Katy Scott
Leena Lempinen
Stage Manager
Laura Dodwell-Groves
Deputy Stage Manager
Vanessa Lee
Teri Fitsell


by Dennis Kelly

Where and When

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
8-11 Dec 2010


A3_THEORRPHANS - flierWhat does it take to bring a world crashing down? In the case of Helen and Danny, a married couple with a young son, crisis comes in the shape of Helen’s brother, Liam, who shows up in their home one evening, drenched in another man’s blood. This is the gripping premise for Orphans, Dennis Kelly’s taut and unsettling new play, a work that is by turns horrifying, hilarious and heart-breaking.

Helen and Liam are siblings bound by the trauma of losing their parents who “were burnt to a crisp in a fire” when they were kids. Helen and Danny are a mainly happy couple whose relationship is showing its first cracks as they decide whether to have a second child.

Over the course of an enervating two hours the trio haltingly reveal what has happened to Liam in a narrative of escalating menace and horror that would make Pinter squirm.

This is a very bleak look at modern life – a world of miscommunication and mistrust where feral youths and violence reign on the streets. Which is not to say that there aren’t also some moments of jet-black humour in Kelly’s script. His stop-start dialogue, where no-one ever quite says what they mean, means what they say or finishes a sentence, builds an atmosphere that lingers long after the curtain call.


Danny Daren Durkin
Helen Candice Moore
Liam Paul Sheehan


Production Team

Director Ahmed El-Alfy
Producer Teri Fitsell
Co-Producer Jodi Gilchrist
Set Design Lara Genovese
Lighting Design Andy Burt
Stage Manager
Lara Genovese
Deputy Stage Manager
Kenix Ho
Teri Fitsell