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Written by Norman Robbins
Directed and Adapted by Stephen Bolton


Where and When

Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
4-13 Dec 2003


Cinderella Angharad James
Prince Charming Kate Leung
Buttons Pedro Reichert
Baron Hardupp Peter Lowe
Baroness Hardupp Jackie Huke
Charlene Lucas Cox
Marlene Brian Schwarze
Mr Upnorth Christine Baldwin
Mr Downunder Wendy Herbert
Short Tempered And Rude Fairy Judi Bolton
Delicate Blossom Fairy Priscilla Jones
Dandini Kate Baldwin
Catherine Pacific Annie Mueller
Footmen Paris Herbert-Taylor & Rosi Jelfs
Ken Adam Balcombe
Kenneth Stephen Bolton

Production Team

Director Stephen Bolton
Producer Jackie Huke
Associate Producer Judi Bolton
Musical Director Gethyn Clothier
Choreographer Mandy Petty
Set Designer Peter Espina
Costume Designers Elaine Wade & Carol Bloomfield
Lighting Designer Colin Wolstencroft
Stage Manager Adrian Davis
Make-Up Designer Margaret Wright


South China Morning Post

Sunday December 7 2003

The Hong Kong Players’ latest production opened on Thursday at the Shouson Theatre in Wan Chai. The cast and production team have clearly worked hard to make this a vibrant performance with mass appeal, and it has paid off. The result is a pantomime with larger-than-life characters, cringe-inducing puns, funny dialogue, familiar songs, audience participation and a happy ending.

The company doesn’t have the budget to provide lavish scenery and costumes, but that’s quickly forgotten thanks to an energetic cast who look as if they’re thoroughly enjoying themselves.

All the usual favourites are here. There’s the shrill and vile stepmother, the bumbling, henpecked father, two fairy godmothers, a faithful Buttons and a sweet Cinderella, all supported by a young, enthusiastic chorus.

The stars of the show are the cross-dressing Ugly Sisters (Lucas Cox and Brian Schwarze) whose fabulously grotesque outfits become more tasteless with every change. They kept the audience laughing through the two-hour show with a string of one-liners and none-too-subtle innuendoes delivered with Aussie accents and faultless timing. The performance was threaded with local and topical asides that resonated well.

Buttons, heartwarmingly played by Pedro Reichert, was an instant hit, especially with the younger audience members, and the fairy godmothers – one a slow-learning trainee and the other her impatient coach – were well cast in their small but snappy roles.

The second act seemed a little stretched, but the cast kept up the pace to the end.

Liana Cafolla


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