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Aladdin The Panto

Aladdin 2017 Hong Kong Players have been staging a traditional Christmas panto for more than 50 years. The show is an all-singing, all dancing extravaganza based on an original script. Performance  Venue Shousson More »


Hong Kong Players Workshop – 15 February 2004

Ever watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? and thought you could do better? Ever watched Whose Line… and wondered how they did it? There’s no special secret – anyone can play.

Impro-drama workshops are a great way to learn how to think on your feet, have fun, meet new people and improve your acting skills. This workshop features improvisation games designed for everyone from trained thespians to nervous newcomers – whatever your experience, you’ll never have had this much fun with your clothes on.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So come on in and have a laugh while you learn how to turn a chair into a three-headed man-eating wildebeest, all with a flick of your imagination.

Wendy Herbert is a certified Theatre Sports trainer who has competed internationally and at the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney, the home of improvisational theatre in Australia. She teaches workshops at several International High Schools in Hong Kong. She can also be heard on air at Metro Plus, and claims that if she can teach monkeys to catch crocodiles she can teach you to improvise.

Other workshops will be held soon – watch this space for details.

For additional workshop information, please contact HK Players’ Workshop Director, Stephen Bolton ou acheter du viagra.